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What services does Elite TurfCare offer?

Elite TurfCare provides a range of services including all types of synthetic grass solutions, sports field maintenance and renovation solutions including baseball dirt work and professional natural grass services, as well as conventional commercial landscape maintenance contracts.

Where can we see Elite TurfCare's work around Austin?

Elite TurfCare’s ForeverLawn® synthetic grass dealership provides synthetic grass solutions all over Central Texas. Professional level craftsmanship can be found at commercial pet facilities, playgrounds, private homes, and high-end condominiums throughout the Austin area. Some Austin venues such as The Domain, the Four Season’s Hotel, and various UT sports facilities feature ForeverLawn products. Visit our Gallery to view images from some of our most recent projects!

What is the benefit of synthetic grass over natural grass?

Synthetic grass products are low maintenance, drought friendly, clean and safe for children and pets. Never needs mowing, irrigation or fertilizers, and always look great. Cost effective return on investment is possible in 3 to 5 years compared to the cost of maintaining a natural grass lawn. All products are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Is synthetic grass safe for dogs?

Our K9Grass product features maximum drainability and state of the art antimicrobial technology. Tracking mud becomes a thing of the past. Bacteria from urine and feces can be rinsed from the surface and decomposes naturally away from your pet.

Does synthetic grass get hot?

In full sun and with hot temperatures, synthetic grass can get quite warm to the touch. However, it does not retain heat and quickly cools in shady conditions. An ideal application would be areas under trees where grass often struggles to grow anyway.

Can synthetic grass be installed on a flat rooftop?

Yes, we are able to provide a secure, functional installation that does not compromise the integrity of the roofing system. It can be a great way to create a beautiful, comfortable, usable space that might otherwise be an eyesore.

Can synthetic grass be installed under commercial playground equipment?

Yes, Elite TurfCare can provide construction of a commercial grade playground system with tested fall ratings up to 12’. Through our ForeverLawn dealership, we are IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) certified.

What types of sports field services are offered through Elite TurfCare?

We can provide a host of natural grass services including aerification, topdressing, fertilization and herbicide treatments, sod replacement, leveling, etc. We also provide baseball dirt work as well as professional mound and home plate renovations.

What types of non-traditional synthetic grass applications can be applied to baseball fields?

We have provided synthetic grass applications for home plates (full circles and halos), dugouts, bull pens, and batting cages.

Why should my organization spend money to maintain our fields?

The overall safety and playability for the athlete, no matter what age, is the most important part of any athletic experience. The care of any sports field is best achieved by maintaining routine practices rather than letting the field become a dangerous place to play and only providing renovation after someone possibly gets hurt.